Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Monday, December 27, 2010

Freedom through adaptation to 5th Dimensionl Inflow

What many of us are experiencing as symptoms of mental and physical conditions are in effect a dynamic change in frequency we are living within as the 5th dimension now cascades into the 3rd. Many of us may experience our emotions swinging in a turbulent manner; feeling out of touch and somewhat socially isolated. These can be and are all symptoms of the ongoing paradigm shift.

"Life in the fifth-dimension is stunning because you are fully conscious again. You are aware of and can access the wisdom and information available within your Being that resides in all the dimensions. There is no separation. You are one with the All and All is you."  Jim Self, Founder of The Mastering Academy  "   Jim continues...
"When you attain fifth-dimensional consciousness you experience the reintegration with your Higher Self. This reconnection with the higher parts of you brings higher awareness and allows you to know yourself at the Soul level. You begin to Be who you came here to be. Your innate spiritual abilities increase and reveal themselves. These include clairvoyance, telepathy and abstract intuition."

Next, a video by our friends at Harmonicutopia; 
Please view the video with the intention of attaining new awareness and the ability to create even greater freedom for yourself as you continue to craft a world of beauty and harmony.

Now, my typical clarifying questions for you to consider:
  • In the past few years, have you experienced greater physical symptoms you are not able to account fore by diagnosed illness?
  • Do you find yourself having more cognitive difficulties (thought processing)?
  • Do you experience greater frequency of mood swings then is typical for you? Do you find yourself fascinated by ascension and or paradigm-shift revelations?
  • Do you experience more episodes of light-headedness or dizziness then typical for you?
  • How many, if any, blessings you've recently received, are you able to relate to enhanced self-love?
  • How important to you is having greater freedom? In what ways have you been addressing this need?
  • When your emotions and thoughts are aligned with your personal empowerment; what is not possible?
As our focused attention opens us to further dimensional experiences we will continue to adapt and modulate our frequency resonance to match with that of the inflowing new paradigm.

    "You lack a foot to travel? Then journey into yourself And like a mine of rubies receive the sunbeams print Out of yourself such a journey will lead you to your self, It leads to transformation of dust into pure gold!" ~RUMI
    Open to new awareness of just how things truly work in the universe; spread your wings and fly free among the winds of change your intention creates for you to play within. ~Dave Kenyon

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