Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Defining our Relm - Understanding Our Mental Model

Today's task will be two-fold; the first part is to discuss one's mental model and how it frames our view of the world. Our second is to set some parameters for the mental model we will be posing through our journeys here.

According to the Free Dictionary, mental model or a mindset is a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.  In other words, your mental model sets parameters for how you view the world.

Now granted, we also live in a 3 dimensional model which also defines aspects of our experience as well, however, we will discuss this at another time.

Whatever your mental model is I will ask you to suspend that for purposes of our journey together here.

For this journey here are the parameters I am proposing:

  • There are only 3 elements you are able to control and they are: how you think about a subject, person or thing; how you feel about the same and how you act toward same.
  • When others respond to one of my blog posts; please stay within the topic so that we have continuity in our dialoging and collaboration.
  • This site is a no-judgement zone; here we accept and revel in our diversity while enjoying the benefits of many different points-of-view. Through this lens we all grow in awareness and rise in consciousness.
  • Let us remember to leave our ego's at the doorway to this site; ego which believes in separation and dualism and often aligns with fear-based beliefs has no place in the mental model. 
  • Oneness vision is practiced here!
  • Unconditional-love is one of our primary filters here; remember this includes yourself.
  • Our inner-light is our trusted guide to joy, vibrant well-being, enhanced awareness, inner peace, prosperity and transformation.
  • We are all in this together; what is occurring to the least of us is occurring to all of us.
  • We are empowered co-creators with the energy-field that creates planets and facilitates the universe.
  • We are seeking alignment with our beautiful Earth and all her life; in it's many facets. We are interrelated with all of life.
  • This is a community focused upon a journey toward enhanced enlightenment.
  • We are all sharing this boat, on our journey, let us remember to join together to have this be a peace-filled, nurturing, mutually-supportive and glowing-growing experience for all.
 Welcome to a safe place for enhanced awareness, personal growth, dialog, collaboration and transformation as we move toward 2012 and beyond and embrace the new emerging paradigm.



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