Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Live in A World Transforming

We live in a world transforming. Our entire planet is now in the process of a transformational process that has been described by Sol Luckman (cofounder of the Phoenix Center for Regenetics and author) thusly,

"Many believe that the dawning Age of Light or Age of Consciousness defines itself in relation to our capacity for unconditional love, our ability to transcend enemy patterning and victim consciousness while adopting unity consciousness that sees divinity in all things. From this standpoint, it might be said humans are evolving into a “biologically conscious” species capable of holding and sharing the full light of unconditional love."

As The Institute of Noetic Sciences, an emerging movement of globally conscious citizens dedicated to manifesting our highest capacities, focuses upon A World Transforming.

Please take a few minutes to view their video and reflect upon what you experience.

What resonates with you?
  • What types of changes in your thoughts, feelings and actions will need to occur for you to embrace this global transformational challenge.
  • What personal perspectives might you need to re-think to begin to experience life as it is and not as you may have been conditioned to believe.
  • What attitudes serve your embracing the ongoing global transformation and what ones might you need to recalculate?

We are currently experiencing a transition between two paradigms and as the old passes away we are currently experiencing global clashes between polar opposites; in weather, politics, human values, health, relationships, economics, and spiritual beliefs and many more.

Nothing seems to be working well and for the benefit of mankind and our planet, at this point. Yet there is the ongoing transformational effect that is just beginning to emerge.  How do we adapt? How do we embrace this new unfolding energetic paradigm?

As noted author and spiritual teacher,
Richard Bach, postulates;
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly."

The time is now to make your choice; are you content to remain the caterpillar or do you wish to morph into the beautiful butterfly that your soul is longing to have emerge?

How you decide to answer this vital question will determine either staying with the old paradigm or merging through a personal transformation into alignment with the new paradigm.

Light & Love,


  1. I would be full of JOY to have Magic , the one is really MAGIC in my Life .

    Teresa ***

  2. We have to keep striving and going in life and in order to succeed in life we must be willing to go to the next step. The idea to stay content holds us back from living life to its fullest