Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Sunday, January 16, 2011

DreamWeaving: Once Upon A Time

Welcome fellow DreamWeaver!

Do you remember from dream-state time 'Your wildest dreams' or perhaps gently-remembered images that evoked emotional-responses of  beauty, love, harmony, abundance, inner-peace and familiarity?

Perhaps this video, below, will give to time to recall one or more of these as you enjoy the music of Your Wildest Dream by The Moody Blues.

Once upon a time, when we were young; we were aligned with resonate harmonic frequencies we are now out-of-phase with.  Wow, that's sure a mouth-full; you may be thinking.

For a spiritual being, which we are, living within the confines of a 3-dimensional matrix is often a daunting experience. Earth School, our 3-dimensional matrix, frustrates our individual divinely-inspired search for oneness with source energy.This occurs in two distinct ways:

  • The first; when we agree to experience a 3-dimensional experience and in doing so diminish our natural connections to all of source energy. Soon after entering this physical-based matrix our consciousness of information channels from other dimensions begins to drift away into distant-feeling memories.
  • The second is employed over time; as we are systematically programed into cultural compliance by groups with special-interest's in dominating the mental-model for all through inculcating fear-based beliefs throughout the general population's mass consciousness. Those living in fear are much easier to steer.

And yet, that is why we are here; to discover how to truly love and live in harmony with all that is.

Learning to release our fear-based beliefs as we seek more alignment with source energy is our challenge. To grasp a better handle on enlightening one's personal consciousness, while living in 3rd-dimensional experience, let me suggest the following video,

The Divine Matrix - 20 Keys to Conscious Creation!  

(from the work of Dr. Gregg Braden)


Dr. Braden's work offers insight into 20 pathways to empowering your personal consciousness while experiencing a 3rd-dimensional paradigm alignment.

We are now living at a profoundly powerful nexus where our long-standing paradigm is weakening as the new light and love based paradigm emerges.

Please consider the insight you experience as you align with your own personal power and open yet new avenues to enhanced realignment with source energy.

“Reality,” as you currently experience it, is something like a waking dream. It is a projection, or let us say an interface, disguising deeper and more intensified levels of being and knowing. For those who are ready and willing, the doors to those other levels now stand open.”
-- Daniel Pinchbeck
2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

 Are you ready to embrace the emerging paradigm and step into the light? Perhaps you will enjoy the glimpse into your future; of your future limitless-self. Enjoy this video,

ONE Divine Consciousness 

Here's to thriving through an insight-driven experience of life! ~Dave