Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rising in Consciousness: Allowing Your Wellbeing In by Exercising Your Free-Will

Like many on our planet, I used to vehemently resist letting go to trust that I was worthy of receiving. There were always others with "greater need" than mine; God certainly didn't have the time to listen to little me.

Our planetary culture is awash with fear-based beliefs; often codified as laws. Our systems of finance, support & governance are all failing. We have been systematically imprisoned in a group-think that diminishes our individual self-valuing.

As you open your belief system to the light of divergent thought; you make available expansion of your consciousness.

This expansion alters your vibrational resonance signature; allowing you to align with higher frequency energies such as love in a more harmonious manner.

Early on in this life, you  and I independently discovered societies 'pecking order'; we were "carefully taught."

Much of the so-called educational system has truly been invested in focus upon indoctrination into the outer-directed leadership model; few control the game of life for the many.

The emerging paradigm of the Transformation Age brings with it the model of self-governance and personal empowerment; each intentionally co-creating in alignment with God/Source energy.

"The freedom of enlightened consciousness is that relationship to the life process that, precisely because it holds on to nothing, seems to be changing all the time. Of course, it isn't. One who is truly enlightened never moves, abiding permanently beyond this world of time and becoming. But because of that immovable position, he or she is able, in the world of time and becoming, to be a striking manifestation of a passionate and unbridled creativity, a powerful force of conscious evolution in action." 
~Andrew Cohen 

It's now time for our fist segment of video for this post. This one suggests how; by:

Stepping Away from the Fear - segment #1; 

 This video with Max Igan, the voice of Surviving The Matrix radio program is the featured speaker.  Please enjoy.


Found at The Crowhouse Video Channel

 How do we best move away from fear; could it be that acceptance/allowing is a vital aspect of this mental realignment? Please enjoy the following video that makes that case;

Acceptance vs. The Power to Change 

From my friend Unasleep's Channel 

When you consider your personal situation, do you tend to go with the 'flock' or do you trust in your alignment with Source Energy to empower you through allowing Source Energy to provide the ideal circumstances that meet your need to fill your focused desires?

There are 2 universal laws that cover this situation; the law of attraction and the
The Law of Allowing 

The Law of Allowing states that there is a steady stream of pure energy that is ALL THAT IS. We either allow it or we disallow it. When we allow it, we feel pure positive energy. When we disallow it, we feel negative emotion. It is in the realm of the emotions that our INNER BEINGS communicate with us most effectively. Thoughts tend to get confusing but negative emotions and positive emotions are clear messages that we are either on or off track relative to our soul's highest purpose. Abraham states that we came here with clear intentions to vibrate in harmony with our soul's desire to do and be and have everything we want. Yet when we emerge in the physical, we are quickly bombarded with lackful thoughts of how there is good and there is bad, and that we need to veer away from harm and steer towards good. Abraham teaches that moving away from harm is futile, because in our attention to that which we are not wanting we are focusing on lack. The only way out of this seeming trap is to focus on the ONE PURE AND STEADY STREAM OF JOY that is coming forth to us at all times from our inner beings (IB). When we are not in a joyful state it is because our attention is temporarily removed from our natural state of PURE POSITIVE ENERGY.  ~Abraham-Hicks

Now it's time for another segment of video; this time a video by Abraham-Hicks entitled,

Align, Allow, Awaken 

Found on Are You...Called2Create? channel 

Align, allow and awaken are the key words from the viewpoint of the universal Law of Attraction. Without a grounding in the application of Law of Attraction and Law of Allowing it's quite difficult to manifest your most prized desires as the vibrational signature you are emanating does not sync with that which you are seeking to attract.

 As we end today's post, here are some questions to address with yourself to discover if you are in vibrational alignment with that which you seek:

  • Do my desires and feelings match?
  • Do I trust in my relationship with God/Source Energy to attract to me that which I desire?
  • Do I feel worthy of what I seek to align with? 
  • Am I using the emotional barometer of my feelings to guide my actions?
  • Am I in alignment with my core values?
  • Do my expectations support or thwart my dreams?
  • Do my relationships endorse or frustrate my dreams?

The self-dialog you have stemming from your thoughts about the above offered questions will hopefully incite you in the direction of  further self-dialog. 

Clarifying your primary values, in this manner, is also a pro-active step on your journey through expanded consciousness.

Your primary values and the depth of their alignment with your divine within reflects in the world you experience.   Remember also; we are operating in a guilt-free zone, here.

Remember, fellow traveler, on the journey to vibrant alignment with God/Source Energy within, freedom is a dish best served guilt-free.

"Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too."  ~Voltaire

As always, follow your insights into making choices that empower you and your world; remember we all one.

Yours insightfully,