Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Embracing Your Powerful I AM Presence

"We are a human being. This means that we are BEING playing the human role and identify so strongly with the human that we forsake the BEING that we actually are."
~Burt Harding

 Burt Harding  is an author, researcher, teacher and founder of The Awareness Foundation of Vancouver, Canada.

Burt coined the term, Supertience ;what Burt defines as pure feeling.

"We are a human being. This means that we are BEING playing the human role and identify so strongly with the human that we forsake the BEING that we actually are."
~Burt Harding

Burt postulates that ;as each of us are spiritual beings, at times, we decide to experience differing dimensional frequencies.  Our example here is 'being a human'' a 3rd dimensional living/learning experience I refer to as 'Earth School'.

We are here to experience; to enhance our relationship with self and all that is!

At other times, we may elect to incarnate in forms that are relational to other dimensional experience we wish to incorporate in our matrix of consciousness.
Thus we are continually having experience in whichever dimension we select.

This post will provide you with opportunity to gain awareness and insight into Burt Harding's perceptions of the powerful IM Presence and it's value to you.

Just prior to your viewing of Burt's video here is some context using his own words:
  • "Spirit is the wholeness, it is the all-in-all. There is nothing but Spirit. In fact it is Consciousness itself that appears as over 6 billion people on this earth not to mention all creatures and living plants etc. Spirit is energy as all scientists know. Physicists say,“Energy is indestructible, it simply changes form.” Therefore, (and this is very important) Spirit is like the ocean and souls are like the waves on top of the ocean. The two are inseparable. Each wave is unique from the others and if it begins to ‘think’ that it is separate from the other waves then it becomes frightened of emptiness, annihilation, isolation and death. However, if the wave recognizes that it is itself also the ocean, fear drops and ‘evil’ is no more."

  • "Each one of us is a unique expression of Spirit (Life). There isn’t another duplicate of you. This uniqueness is the soul and it drives towards the Spirit (Life, Love). The greatest human drive is for happiness, peace, love, joy and inner fulfillment which can’t be derived from the world but only within when there is the realization of its oneness with Spirit. The whole journey on earth is to realize our oneness with Spirit (Source, oneness, God, Life, Love etc)."

  • "Actions emerge from two sources – personal ‘doership’ when there is no awareness of Spirit or from LOVE when there IS awareness of Spirit. The word ‘awareness’ implies the recognition of what is real (not from reading but from direct awareness)."

When you are ready to view Burt's insight-infused video; please do so with relaxed and open awareness.  Enjoy!

Awakening Oneness Love through I AM!

"This ability to self-recognize (awareness) can make a human attain almost impossible heights of knowledge and understanding."
~Burt Harding

I hope and trust you enjoyed the insight enhanced video by Burt Harding.

In my view, he makes a very credible case for how consciousness is a key component in our evolution as a species; our ascension into what's next for us.

Nature is in continual process of growth, adaptation and change; our own nature mirrors those same ongoing processes, as well.

In addition, we are currently emerged in the vibrational currents of a galactic upgrade; an emerging paradigm grounded in love, unity and empowerment.

To enhance your relationship with self, during this period of heightened matrix restructuring it may prove valuable to engage in a process of evaluation of your relationship between where you are now and where 'natural you' resides

When attempting a self-assessment, in any area of your life, it's helpful to view life within a context that resonates with what is natural for you.

"The more we understand that we are LIFE being lived by this invisible unknown force, the more we recognize how we are all the same beneath the appearance. This recognition of the same One Life-Force makes us realize that beneath our body, personality and mind-conditioning we are the same One Being (Life-Force). This recognition awakens love, compassion, sensitivity, intelligence and understanding. The more this ‘LOVE’ awakens in each human, the broader and expanded becomes one’s consciousness until all racism, fanaticism, self-righteousness, pettiness, smallness, self-egoism, greed, separation and even all forms of fear start to die (fall away). Then, consciousness becomes purer and more direct and, as self-centredness drops away slowly, so does the capacity for love and happiness increase."
~Burt Harding

One more clarifying question for you, today.

Your mastery is defined by your ability to align with your inner divine nature. The beauty here is that you only need mastery over your destiny; everyone has this same opportunity.  The Universe is an equal opportunity giver!

well, to each his/her own. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012: Year of Power; Searching for insight!

So much has been written and spoken about concerning this year, 2012. Battle-lines have formed between radical alliances of both ultra conservative and ultra liberal groups; each fighting for the hearts and minds of the rest of us while interestingly, at the same time, attempting to control the masses through fear-based systems of belief.

The current political, social, environmental, financial, infrastructure, and religious systems are under severe stress with many more failing us, each day.

Greed and avarice have long-ago replaced our insights of origin 
dominant cultural prime natural impulses of: 

  • respect for self and one another; 
  • fair-play
  • brotherhood; 
  • love (unconditional); 
  • freedom to be as you see fit as long as it harms no other or yourself;
  • freedom of thought without censorship; 
  • with freedom comes responsibility;
  • treat others as you want them to treat you; and
  • trust and align with your divine inner guidance matrix; trust you gut-feelings.

However, the emerging paradigm; coming through the open galactic vortex, aligns us with opportunity for greater awareness in the 4Th and 5Th dimensions; one of the vital aspects of the ongoing galactic vibrational realignment.

We are also seeing greater light illuminating the cultural, political, religious, media, special-interest and governmental influence of the on-going bombardment of our senses with fear-based beliefs.

On my continuing journey of exploration seeking valuable insight's into life, I discovered the video below; by  Lee Harris; to learn more about Lee check out his site at http://www.leeharrisenergy.com

"Be very clear in yourself this coming year as to what you feel your truth is around life, the planet, your reason or not to be here. "
~Lee Harris

I hope you invested the time to view this powerful video; as I have.
Do I totally agree with everything he says; I do have enough affinity that I am sharing this piece with you.

I believe that speaks for itself. Having said that; what I share is designed to get others to think; to look inside to your inner guidance matrix for feedback as to how these thoughts align with natural you.

Here are some questions for your inner guidance matrix to help kick-start the dialog between you and your inner wisdom:

  • Which, if any, of Lee's points do I find vibrational alignment  and affinity with?
  • Do you experience yourself as incited to action as a result of this video?
  • If, so; in what areas of your life?; which, if any, beliefs are being challenged by the video?
  • What value, if any, do you see in allowing your inner guidance matrix greater influence in your life?
  • What fear-based thoughts may be blocking or weakening your alignment with your good?
  • In what ways, if any, are you noticing a higher level of interest in your own personal wellness?
  • If you could expand upon a concept on Lee's video; what concept be?

Dave Kenyon