Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inner-Space, Our Final Frontier as Human Seekers-Part 3

In our last post we discussed your inner-guidance system and it's value in the process of 'aligning with the divine' in you. For today's post, I am focused upon aligning with your personal life-mission and how this will enhance your life experience.

"At last the river of my life flows
into the ocean of Thy Life,
and loses itself in bliss."   ~ Yogananda 

Some call it your dharma; it's also know as your life-purpose. The link to your divine authentic nature does and will lead to enhanced living and ability to love and appreciate yourself and the world of your co-creation.

"Living your life on purpose allows your personal compass to direct you toward fulfilling your life purpose. When you’re on your intended path, you’re in dharma, which is an old Sanskrit word which Webster’s Dictionary defines as: an individuals duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law; the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence; conformity to one's duty and nature.
Your Dharma is what you were born to be." ~Ken Donaldson 

"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being." -Carl Jung 

“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy." -Og Mandino

My friend, consider making this pledge to yourself; 'Henceforth I will apply myself to alignment with my divine purpose for this life and in doing so become and remain open to my inner-guidance system'.  

To help you and I to align our thoughts about this subject let's take the time to view and learn from one of our finest teachers today; Dr. Wayne Dyer.

"I will grow. I will become something new and grand, but no grander than I now am. Just as the sky will be different in a few hours, its present perfection and completeness is not deficient, so am I presently perfect and not deficient because I will be different tomorrow. I will grow and I am not deficient." ~Wayne Dyer

 Let us consider the possible insight we may gain from the wisdom of Wayne Dyer once again as we conclude today's post with yet another video featuring Wayne's thoughts on; "Changing the habits that erode."


If you gained insight from this post, please feel free to share it with your friends and associates.  It is through collaboration and sharing that we move into even greater alignment with the emerging paradigm of empowerment.

During our next post we will continue to share thoughts on our relationship with ourselves by working in Inner-Space.

Until next time, may your journey expose you to insight that incites you to changes that enable greater love, light and harmony to flow through your life!
Dave Kenyon