Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Extraordinary Thing Called Love - Spiritual Alignment Process - 1

Welcome back as we continue our look at 'This Extraordinary Thing Called love' and your opportunity to take a look at a spiritual process that will lead you to: 
  • greater personal freedom.
  • enhanced state of well-being.
  • enlightened view of what is within the life-context of Oneness.
  • more access to periods of profound inner-peace.
  • renewed appreciation for natural abundance that life truly offers and is your birthright to claim.
  • transpersonal awareness of the need to cleanse the old fear-based beliefs by substitution process.
  • a new fondness and true love for yourself that aligns with unconditional love energy while raising your vibrational resonance signature.

Wow, you may be thinking, how did I end up in this chaotic world I'm currently living in? 

If you are; consider just how we allowed ourselves to become seduced by our collective egos into co-creating our current world experience.

What's at the bottom of this?; you have every right to know!

Now its time for a video interlude; please relax and enjoy;

The Power Within - Accept Who You REALLY Are 

from RavensEvermore

Marianne Williamson is a person of great insight and wisdom. She realized when she penned , Our Greatest Fear in 1992, as a part of her book, Return to Love that our core issue was a lack of true understanding of who we are and what we are capable of.

Today's focus
Today we look at the Chakra system; one vital component in our Spiritual alignment process;

“Chakras are wheels or circles. When electricity is generated, it is necessary to have transformers, conductors, fuses, switches and insulated wires to carry the power to its destination."~B.K.S. Iyengar
"The chakra is a doorway. These are doorways that lead you into other dimensions." ~Rama

"There are seven primary chakras located in the subtle physical body, the body of light and energy that is our awareness and that surrounds the physical...There are thousands of lesser chakras. Chakras are doorways to other worlds. When you focus on them, you step into something else." ~Rama

The Chakra system is a valuable place to look when you are seeking enhanced alignment with love energy.  This system of transformers that either step up or step-down the the vibrational frequency; as needed.  These transformers are actually vortex's that operate as valves between vibrational levels.  
When this system is in alignment with your natural self you are aligned with the divine within

Now, please relax and invest a few minutes in the following video-experience,

Chakral Alignment

As is our way, we are focused upon insight-in-action framework for discovery and learningPlease make note in your journal about all your personal insights as each is a message from your divine within.

Let love guide your way; until my next post, go forth in peace, harmony, prosperity, alive-in-the-present, oneness-awareness, self-appreciation , and alignment with your divine within!



  1. Dear Dave!

    Happy to cooperate with you. We in Russia are preparing for the transition, similar to you, we prepare the prerequisites for this great event. However, not many people really need it. Our esoteric school "Star Swan teaches the science of the soul, the science of liberation and transition, creating the science of the etheric body of man. We are healers, Masters level white magic.
    Glad to meet, we think we've ever had - something familiar.

  2. Very nice to hear from you, my Russian friend.
    This is a galactic upgrade and all over this planet folks are realizing that the time for transformation is now. We need to share insights and collaborate to help each other to adapt to the changes we are all experience. Certainly, you in Russia have a long history with paranormal research. I look forward to any insights you wish to share here.
    Light & Love, Dave