Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Power of Consciousness; through the eyes of Bruce Lipton

Who is Bruce Lipton 
and how might I benefit from becoming aware of his work, you may ask? 

"Single cells analyze thousands of stimuli from the microenvironment they inhabit. The more awareness an organism has of its environment, the better its chances for survival. When cells band together they increase their awareness exponentially. Division of labor among the cells in the community offers an additional survival advantage. The efficiency it enables more cells to live on less. Evolution is based on an instructive, cooperative interaction among organisms and their environment enables life forms to survive and evolve in a dynamic world."
~Bruce Lipton
My friends, as we move forward in our galactic energy upgrade, it's those of us who actively pursue our own enlightenment who will be in alignment with the new paradigm and thus in the best position to benefit from what an enhanced consciousness will mean.

Bruce Lipton, PhD.'s insights were and are being formed at the intersection of his scientific and spiritual search for meaning; his focused journey through enlightenment. 

Each of you who find yourself attracted to this site are also on your own spiritual quest for meaning; your own personal life's journey through enlightenment.

Today I wish to share with you a video featuring Bruce's insights into consciousness through his personal search and the benefits this new awareness- field offers you.

Available through ConsciousTV

As you seek even deeper insight into the nexus of where your inner divine aligns with source energy it may prove helpful to seek for enlightened perceptions within your relationships with:

  • Yourself; there is none more important.
  • Your Goals & Inspirations; strongly aligned thoughts and feelings that run contrary to your aspirations are out of phase with the frequency alignment necessary for attraction of your desire into your field of awareness.
  • Your relationship with change; the single constant in nature.

Please enjoy Bruce's video and seek to enhance your awareness through insight's you discover.


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