Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012: Year of Power; Searching for insight!

So much has been written and spoken about concerning this year, 2012. Battle-lines have formed between radical alliances of both ultra conservative and ultra liberal groups; each fighting for the hearts and minds of the rest of us while interestingly, at the same time, attempting to control the masses through fear-based systems of belief.

The current political, social, environmental, financial, infrastructure, and religious systems are under severe stress with many more failing us, each day.

Greed and avarice have long-ago replaced our insights of origin 
dominant cultural prime natural impulses of: 

  • respect for self and one another; 
  • fair-play
  • brotherhood; 
  • love (unconditional); 
  • freedom to be as you see fit as long as it harms no other or yourself;
  • freedom of thought without censorship; 
  • with freedom comes responsibility;
  • treat others as you want them to treat you; and
  • trust and align with your divine inner guidance matrix; trust you gut-feelings.

However, the emerging paradigm; coming through the open galactic vortex, aligns us with opportunity for greater awareness in the 4Th and 5Th dimensions; one of the vital aspects of the ongoing galactic vibrational realignment.

We are also seeing greater light illuminating the cultural, political, religious, media, special-interest and governmental influence of the on-going bombardment of our senses with fear-based beliefs.

On my continuing journey of exploration seeking valuable insight's into life, I discovered the video below; by  Lee Harris; to learn more about Lee check out his site at http://www.leeharrisenergy.com

"Be very clear in yourself this coming year as to what you feel your truth is around life, the planet, your reason or not to be here. "
~Lee Harris

I hope you invested the time to view this powerful video; as I have.
Do I totally agree with everything he says; I do have enough affinity that I am sharing this piece with you.

I believe that speaks for itself. Having said that; what I share is designed to get others to think; to look inside to your inner guidance matrix for feedback as to how these thoughts align with natural you.

Here are some questions for your inner guidance matrix to help kick-start the dialog between you and your inner wisdom:

  • Which, if any, of Lee's points do I find vibrational alignment  and affinity with?
  • Do you experience yourself as incited to action as a result of this video?
  • If, so; in what areas of your life?; which, if any, beliefs are being challenged by the video?
  • What value, if any, do you see in allowing your inner guidance matrix greater influence in your life?
  • What fear-based thoughts may be blocking or weakening your alignment with your good?
  • In what ways, if any, are you noticing a higher level of interest in your own personal wellness?
  • If you could expand upon a concept on Lee's video; what concept be?

Dave Kenyon

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  1. Thank you Dear Dave. Wonderful pictures and words. Namaste. Cath